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Talks and Demonstrations

Debbie is available for talks and demonstrations of the Asyra Pro. To book a demonstration for your organisation or event, ring 07941 872958.


“Debbie's talk at the Federation of Holistic Therapists' meeting in Worthing was fascinating and created a lot of
interesting discussion. If you are looking for a speaker and demonstration with a difference, give
Debbie a call!” Alex

“It was enjoyable working with Debbie. She is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.” John

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Allergy Relief


For sneezing, runny nose, sinuses, itchy nose and eyes, watery eyes, blocked nose, tickly nose or throat (allergic rhinitis). This is a blend of frequencies that supports your body's ability to deal with symptoms caused by environmental sensitivities ;including grass or tree pollen, animal danders, dust and chemicals; foods and other potential allergens.

It is fast-acting, safe and effective at relieving uncomfortable and distressing allergy symptoms.

Directions: Take five drops under the tongue twice a day. Increase to three times a day when symptoms are acute.

Ingredients: Alkalised, ionised water, ethanol (10%), imprinted with select frequencies.

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UK Single item: £3.79

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Product Description

Beneficial and soothing for allergy symptoms
Supports your body’s ability to deal with sensitivities
Fast working, safe and effective



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