What people are saying about Debbie Watkins Health Screening


“Debbie Watkins’ Health Screening is fascinating. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Holly, West Sussex

“Since starting to work with Debbie around 6 months ago, I have seen many improvements in my well being – from skin appearance to overall energy levels. Debbie was able to quickly pinpoint the areas of stress for me and gave me treatment including supplements to get my system back on track.”

“Utterly amazing, Debbie. I was fascinated. After my session a week ago, I am feeling better. My IBS symptoms are certainly less which is a huge relief, so thank you.”

“My skin feels better, my digestive system lighter, my mental state lighter too and less sluggish. Overall I’m feeling a lot healthier than I was.”
Marysa, Midhurst

“I went to Debbie suffering with nausea and very low energy. The health screening and changes Debbie recommended have made a huge difference; I haven’t had any nausea at all and my energy levels have come back as well.”
Claire P, Chichester


“I took my three-year-old son to see Debbie because he was suffering from very itchy skin and was still not sleeping through the night. We suspected he might have a food intolerance but were unsure. The health screening confirmed some food sensitivities, including milk. Interestingly, we found that some foods he just refused to eat, such as eggs, showed up as a sensitivity. Debbie’s advice was invaluable. She showed us which foods to increase to ensure he had plenty of calcium and other nutrients, and which foods to stay away from. We also gave him the remedy from the machine which he was happy to take. We changed his diet and took him off the milk. Two days later he was sleeping through the night and his skin cleared up. At long last, we had undisturbed nights too! I can thoroughly recommend Debbie’s health screening, it was amazing.”
Richenda, Worthing

“My daughter was really sick , could not sleep well at night and always had stomach pain. Thank you to Debbie for her professional advise and health screening. My little girl is a happy girl again, healthy and confident.””

“Debbie is lovely. I went to her for nutritional advice.”
Elwyn, GP.

“My digestion has settled down a lot, I haven’t had any more bloating or trapped wind/indigestion!”

“My son’s eczema has improved a lot and he seems much happier, not getting so cross or having tantrums like he was. There’s been a definite improvement and he just seems so much happier and hardly itchy, which of course is great.”

“Debbie is very kind and always smiling.  I am really happy with the quick results.”

“I had a very bad winter, always feeling unwell with a cough. I also had high blood sugar levels. I felt permanently freezing, even in very hot rooms. Thanks to Debbie and the Asyra Pro, I am feeling amazing again. I have lost five pounds in two weeks and am finally wearing short sleeves. Debbie really gives the best to people!”
A, Worthing

“I really enjoyed our session…. So glad I met you.”
Tanya, Littlehampton

“I don’t suffer the same bloating and discomfort any more”
M, Worthing

“I had been feeling really fatigued and not at all motivated to get up and do things. Since my screening session and following the natural treatment advice, I have loads more energy and find it so much easier to get up in the morning.”

“After a significant illness, I had a session on the Asyra with Debbie to help support my recovery. It was good to know I was doing everything possible to boost my energy levels and bring my health back to balance..”
S, Rustington

“It was enjoyable working with Debbie. She is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.”

“Debbie’s talk at the Federation of Holistic Therapists’ meeting in Worthing was fascinating and created a lot of interesting discussion. If you are looking for a speaker and demonstration with a difference, give Debbie a call!”

“You are always so gentle and kind with the children. Thank you.”


“The welcoming, kind, approachable nature of Debbie and Eleanor was the major plus to this weekend. All the other things added to the perfection: lovely location, lovely accommodation, great food and a good balance of yoga / meditation.”

“I had so looked forward to this retreat and it surpassed all my expectations.” “Debbie and Eleanor remained upbeat at all times. It has been a pleasure to be with you both.” “The weekend was so friendly, with such yummy food. The nutritional cookery workshop was so enjoyable. It was a lovely experience of cooking togetherness.

I really enjoyed the yoga sessions. I loved the music, the yoga was really relaxing and my body felt comfortably stretched. I felt more connected in body and mind.” “I loved being part of the nutritional cookery workshop because it was fun.I felt part of the team and I learned about substituting healthy ingredients. It was re-energising.” “The food in general was beautiful, tasty and wholesome – and something I can replicate at home.” “Steve Watkins’ spiritual development workshop gave me some really useful tools to relax and deal with judgement and negative feelings.