What to expect

Screening involves sitting in a chair and holding two brass cylinders. There is no waiting for results.

The screening is carried out using a device called the Asyra Pro. It is a fast, painless and effective way to get information from the body. It scans all the organs and systems in the body to find if any are in an energetically stressed or weakened state. The Asyra can indicate the root cause of any imbalances and identify which remedies, from its database of thousands, will help bring your body back to balance and kick-start your own self-healing process.

This means your complete natural treatment programme is tailored specifically for you.

The system can look at: nutrition levels; metabolism and digestion; hormonal levels; toxins; environmental, allergen and food sensitivities, emotional stresses and much, much more.

Tiny changes in the electrical resistance on your skin are monitored as different signals are output from the system. Your body’s responses to a wide variety of items give remarkable insights which give important clues for the healing process.

I will use a variety of elements to help you improve your health such as:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice
  • Non-medicinal herbal complexes
  • Digital homeopathic remedies
  • EFT and affirmations.

I may also recommend you see someone for body work such as deep tissue massage, yoga or tai chi, breath work and exercise options.

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