It’s always lovely to hear from clients on how they are getting on after a health screening. A couple of days ago, I received this testimonial by email. The client had suffered with a persistent cough for months.

“Just to say a big thank you for the session yesterday. I have started implementing the changes you recommended. This morning I woke up and did not cough. This is a first for six months. It is like being reborn.” – R. S

Many people, like this person, respond very quickly to their remedy from the Asyra, noticing changes and improvements in physical issues. Some become aware that an energetic shift has taken place and feel lighter and clearer.

Everyone is different and for some people it takes a bit longer. The energetic remedy from the Asyra, specifically tailored to the individual, alongside the physical recommendations, such as nutritional supplements, herbal complexes and diet and lifestyle advice, make a powerful, healing combination. And this is especially true because I can ask your body if each supplement, superfood or herb is balancing specifically for you.

As practitioners, it is good to know if clients have been happy with their session and experienced benefits and healing. Feedback is valuable. So a big thank you to all those who drop us a line to let us know.